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Pewter | Cups

Each model of Pewter Cup is available in several sizes with either a black or brown wooden base. Each Cup is supplied complete with a plate attached to the base with wording and logo/s of your choice. Please contact us with your requirements for a quotation. Sizes indicated are without wooden base.
PCR 06
PCR 05
PCR 04
PCR 03
PCR 02
PCR 01
A 65 mm. x 255 mm.
B 55 mm. x 220 mm.
C 50 mm. x 185 mm.
A 110 mm. x 210 mm.
B 105 mm. x 195 mm.
C 100 mm. x 170 mm.
D 95 mm. x 155 mm.
E 90 mm. x 140 mm.